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TBF Membership Meeting Minutes - February 2011
Written By: Ken Head

MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES:               February 26, 2011



The meeting was called to order by President David Daniel at 8:45 a.m.

Board Members Present:  David Daniel, Ricky England, Ken Head, Joe Turner, Charles Mitchell, Larry Dunlap, Jerry Jones, Carl Robertson, Ed Bryant, Alfred Lawless, Glenn Kirkman, Howard Blaydes, Dewayne Dotson, Tom Lee, Micah Carmon, Eddie Mullins, Michael Patterson and Carl Guffey.

Board members absent were:  Ron Riley, Jason Risley, Stephen Smith and Don Scott

There was 24 clubs presented with a total of 29 members present. 

On a motion by Ed Bryant and second by Jerry Jones, the November meeting minutes were not read and accepted.

Joe Turner presented the Treasurer Report with a balance of $21.372.03 of which $8,250.00 is restricted for use by the 2011 State Team.





Bruce Greig resigned as Youth Director at the Board Meeting on Friday night and Dewayne Dotson, Sparta Bass Club, was introduced as the new Youth Director.  Dewayne then gave a report on the 2011 Youth Activities planned in the Tn Bass Fed.  All information on Youth Activities can be accessed via the TnBass website.  Dewayne can be reached at 931-235-8784 or @dewayne88@blomand.net.  Dewayne reported that there is a new High School program starting and we watched a video on the programs within the TBF, Inc. Youth Activities.



Carl Guffey presented a Power Point presentation on his Habitat Restoration projects within Tennessee.  He also spoke about not transferring matter (invasive) from one lake to another and asked members to wash their equipment after each trip.  Another item he spoke on was the Spotted/Kentucky Bass.  He asked each member to begin harvesting all Spotted and/or Kentucky Bass due to the threat these fish are to the natural fish in the lake.  He noted that a couple of lakes in northern Georgia famous for smallmouth bass has introduced Alabama Spotted bass several years ago and that the Spotted bass had taken over the lake and that no smallmouth bass remained.  For additional information on Carl’s efforts in the State, visit our website, TnBass.com.  It was noted that Carl always has information on the website message board concerning conservation, so visit the message board often to find out what Carl is doing.



It was noted that we no longer have Tennessee Valley Outdoors magazine to publish our monthly newsletter.  With this in mind, we will use the website and will explore the possibility of using FaceBook.  Charles Mitchell stressed the importance of getting an e-mail address for all members put on the TBF, Inc.

online roster.  By doing so, we can do an e-mail blast of the newsletter each month.  President Daniel asked for help from all members to submit news about what their clubs are doing in each community for use in the monthly newsletter.





David announced that Glenn Kirkman of the Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers had been appointed Region 2 Area 4 Director and that Terry Wolfe, Region 1 Area 3 Director would be replaced on the Board of Directors.

            2011 Tennessee Divisional Tournaments:

                        West:  Paris Landing, Kentucky Lake – Sept 29 – 30 – October 1.

                        East:  Dayton – Chickmauga Lake – Oct 13 – 14 – 15

            2011 Southern Divisional:  Campbellsville, Kentucky – May 29 – June 3

            Federation National Championship:  Nickajack Lake – April 12 – 16

            Forrest Wood Cup:  August 11 – 14 – Hot Springs, Arkansas

Solor Bat Sunglasses:  David gave a short presentation and spoke of how easy it is to use for a club fund raiser.  All information can be found on the Solor bat link on the TnBass website.

            Rule Change Proposals:  Ken Head presented each proposal for a vote:

Change # 1:  to set a minimum of $35.00 expense money each day for the non-boater to pay the boater.  A motion to accept and second by Robert White -  PASSED

Change # 2:  to change the number of individual and clubs getting money and restrict the purchase of merchandise for prizes FAILED:

Change # 3:  to change the amount of Big Bass money in each Divisional to $500.00 and to add that $500.00 from each Divisional to the State Team funds PASSED

Change # 4:  to rewrite the dues structure within our By Laws to more closely align with the TBF, Inc./FLW dues structure PASSED

On Line Registration:  Ken Head gave a brief Power Point presentation on how to use the On Line Roster management system on the TBF, Inc. web site.

A questionnaire of 20 questions was passed out.  It consisted of the most often asked questions concerning roster, dues and other activities.  Any open discussion was held among those present:

After some announcements, there were some Door Prizes given out.

At 12:02 p.m., the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Joe Turner

 AMENDMENT TO THE MEETING MINUTES:  Jason Risley sent me the following information concerning the ability of Club Administrators to sign on and update club information on the web page.  Due to hackers registering on the website trying to promote inappropriate material, Jason had turned off the registration piece.  He was spending several hours weekly deleting the bogus accounts created by the hackers.  Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks he will create a new process to request a message board account.  Once this is done, he will post the following information on the website.  This information that will be required to create and account will be:

1.  Name   

2. e-mail address  

3. TBF Membership #  

4. Club # and Club Name  

5. Username for the message board..

Article Date: March 5th, 2011