Why use Oxygen?

Written By: Carl Guffey   Date: 11.09.15   (Conservation News)

Most fishermen claim that they never have any summer livewell problem, they don't because they never overcrowd their livewells. 

If you are having trouble keeping your fish /bait alive or healthy in the summer, just take what you need here to be successful. If you never have problems in the summer, this information is fish care fodder for your reference library. 

OK, here&rsquos the short version&hellip &ldquoLIVEWELL WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT,&rdquo specifically maintaining DO Saturation 100% or whether you have 1 fish or 200 fish in your livewell or haul tank. Providing a continuous supply of oxygen is the most critical and most important water quality parameter there is when you&rsquore transporting live fish in the summer, period. Livewell hypoxia kills and disables fish and quickly, within a couple minutes, that&rsquos all the time you or you fish have before the grim reaper begins reaping. 

How to keep fish and bait alive and healthy in livewells and bait tanks in the summer &ndash VERY SIMPLE and EASY. 

1. Oxygenate livewell water with pure oxygen &ndash 100% DO Saturation or greater guarantees and insures safe oxygenation in overcrowded livewells and bait tanks in the summer. 

2. Livewell water &ndash Total or partial water exchange several time daily guarantees elimination of ammonia, acid pH, dissolved CO2, nitrites, nitrates and metabolic waste.

3. Never use any livewell chemical or treatment that is not sanctioned for human consumption. With pure oxygen there is no need for any livewell supplement.

4. No cooling of water. Will not have any issues with cooling, over cooling or shocking fish out due to severe temperature changes.

This is all there is to great livewell water quality. 

Fish live fine in hot 90 F summer lake and river water every summer &ndash no problem. 

Fish get sick and die in hot 90 F summer livewell water without enough oxygen &ndash big problem every summer every time you overcrowd your livewell by 1 fish, that's predictable.