Higher fuel ethanol, Just say no!

Written By: Carl Guffey   Date: 11.09.15   (Conservation News)

Did you know that the higher the level of ethanol in your fuel, the more likely you are to destroy your engine? When levels go above 10 percent ethanol, fuel burns hotter and often reduces engine life. But adding more is exactly what ethanol makers are trying to push past the EPA. 

What's at stake? Higher ethanol blends could harm your car or boat. Engines in older cars and trucks are more easily damaged and wear out faster when run on high ethanol fuels. Small engines &ndash like the two-strokes found in many bass boats &ndash are even more susceptible to damage because the ethanol often washes the lubricating oil off cylinder walls. 

This bill, the Renewable Fuel Standard Reform Act of 2015, would help save our engines by removing the requirement for dangerously high amounts of ethanol to be used as fuel.

What can you do? Inform your Senators and Representative that this is an important issue to you. Tell them you don&rsquot want higher-ethanol fuels that damage and destroy engines. It just takes a few steps on our website. 

Make your voice heard today.