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  Home December, 2003
Written By: A. D. Sanford – President



The Tennessee Bass Federation has adopted a new method of updating dues and rosters for the new year.  From this date forward, each club will update their B.A.S.S. National Federation dues through the Tennessee Bass Federation.  Below are the instructions required to correctly update dues and roster renewals.


1.                    The B.A.S.S. National Federation will mail a computer listing of each clubs membership to the club Secretary in October/November of each year.  You still make corrections and additions to this listing as you have done in the past.


a.                   Simply draw a single line through the member whom you are deleting from your roster.  Be sure and note if any of your members are naming another club as their “MOTHER” club.  Send in two (2) copies of this form.


b.                   If changing, list the new club President and Secretary, along with their complete address and phone numbers.


c.                   Use the add-on sheet for new members.  Send in two (2) copies of this form.


d.                   Deadline:


(1)                Remember that the B.A.S.S. deadline for continued insurance coverage is December 31st.


(2)                 The Tennessee Bass Federation, Inc. deadline for dues renewal is March 1st.  If dues are received after this date, there will be a $50.00 late penalty.


4.                    At this point your check should be made out to the Tennessee Bass Federation, Inc. according to the following method.  (REMEMBER – DO NOT MAKE THIS CHECK OUT TO B.A.S.S. AND DO NOT MAIL IT TO B.A.S.S.)



5.                    The amount of this check should contain dues in the following amount.


a.                   B.A.S.S. National Federation dues of $15.00 for each member unless they are naming another club as their “MOTHER” club.


b.                   Tennessee Bass Federation, Inc. dues of $7.00 per member for every member no matter if they are members of other clubs.  The TBF dues are for a minimum of twelve (12) members or $84.00 and a maximum of sixty-five (65) members or $455.00.


c.                   Example:  If you club has ten (10) members, you dues would be $150.00 for B.A.S.S. AND $84.00 the TBF or a total of $234.00.


d.                   Combine this check and make out one (1) check to the Tennessee Bass Federation, Inc.


6.                    The Tennessee Bass Federation secretary will in turn update our roster and forward your roster to B.A.S.S. Federation along with our check for the amount of your dues.  This method allows us to have better control of our Federation membership.  It will also allow us to do away if having to show your Federation membership cards before fishing in Regional and State Tournaments.


7.                    In closing, questions on these new procedures should be addressed to your Regional Director or you can call the Federation Secretary at 931-358-9575 after 7:30 p.m. central time.


Be sure and mail the completed forms to the following address. DO NOT MAIL TO THE PRESIDENT:




P. O. BOX 3216






The only change that passed was part of the Tournament Format. It allowed a Region to change the date of their Regional Tournament if it conflicted with a B.A.S.S. event. (i.e - B.A.S.S. National Federation or
Divisional Tournament). This would keep a TBF member who was participating in these events from missing their Regional tournaments.



The meeting was called to order by President A. D. Sanford at 8:15 a.m.  The meeting was held in Gallatin, Tn. at the Gallatin Civic Center.


A. D. welcomed all present and introduced the Officers of the Federation.


Ken Head read the minutes of the 2002 meetings and on a motion by Ed Bryant and seconded by Greg Yandell, they were approved as read.


Chuck Harger, TBF Treasurer passed out the Financial Statement and fielded questions on the contents.  As of 10-31-03, we had a balance of $25, 910.38.  It was pointed out that this amount includes approx. $14,000.00 already earmarked for the Southern Divisional and for the Children’s Miracle Network.


Ken Head gave an update on dues and roster renewal procedures.  He announced that the Board of Directors had made the decision that all dues including B.A.S.S. Federation dues would be mailed to the Secretary.  The TBF would in turn then mail dues and roster to B.A.S.S.  This hopefully will eliminate any mix up concerning what dues go where and when.  Each club is reminded that they still need to update prior to December 31st in order for their insurance to be in effect.


Chuck Harger gave a brief Conservation Report and mentioned that the proposed 15” length limit on smallmouth bass on Pickwick Lake waters in the State of Tennessee.  He also announced that he was resigning as Conservation Director.


It was announced that Larraine Nobes had resigned as Youth Director due to a change in her job responsibilities.  A. D. then announced that the 2004 State Finals would be held at BASS PRO SHOP in Nashville on February 28th.


Ed Bryant, Vice President then gave a brief report on the 2003 State Tournament held in Gallatin.  He thanked all the Region 3 Area 1 clubs for their help with the tournament.  The winner of the State Tournament was in attendance and was introduced.  He was Dewayne Lowe of the Cleveland Bassmasters.


President Sanford then gave a report on the State of the TBF.  He announced that he would not be seeking a third term as President of the Tennessee Bass Federation and thank all members of the Board of Directors and the general membership for their support during his two (2) years as President.


After a short break, President Sanford presented two (2) “ SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR 2003”.  One award was for the Haywood County Bass Club for their support of the only Junior Bass Club in the State.  The other award was to Nick Kelly, the 2003 Jr. Nationals Champion who is a member of the Haywood County Jr. Bass Club.  Accepting both awards was Brian Johnson.


President Sanford then introduced Michael Patterson, Region 4 Director and Carl Guffey of the Blue Ridge Bassmasters.  They talked about bringing the 2004 State Tournament to Knoxville to fish Ft Loudon/Tellico Lakes.  At that point, Michael Scott of the Knoxville Tourism & Sports Council was introduced.  He made a brief presentations on Knoxville, the Lakes and invited us to bring the tournament to Knoxville on September 23 – 24 – 25.  This is the only weekend that the Volunteers will not be playing football.  No other presentations were made and on a motion by Ed Bryant and seconded by Sammie Goodner, Knoxville & Ft Loudon/Tellico Lakes was selected for the site of the 2004 State Tournament.  Out of 55 possible votes, 48 voted yes, o voted no and 7 abstained from voting.




Ken Head gave a report on the Southern Divisional held in June at Lake Eufaula/Walter F George and hosted by the Georgia Bass Federation.  The team finished in last place and won $3,280.36 which was divided between the Team Members.  It was announced that Joe Leonard of the Clinch Mountain Bassmasters was the leader on the TBF team and will represent us at the National Federation finals in April in Oklahoma.


Ed Byrant gave a report on the National Federation tournament held at Lake Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Eddie Jewell of the Lawrenceburg Bassbusters was the TBF representative and finish in 11th place overall.  By virtue of his participation at the National, he is fishing the B.A.S.S. Invitational tournaments this year.


President Sanford gave a report on the Bassmasters Classic and again talked about the ESPN/BASS issues.




Elections of Officers for 2004 was then held.


For the Officer of President: 


Ron Riley of the High Forest Bassmasters was nominated by Jim Holloway and seconded by Charles Mitchell.  Larry Clayton of the Volunteer Bass Anglers of West Tenn was nominated by David Smith and seconded by Charles Graybeal.  The nominations were ceased and each member was given the opportunity to address the membership. Ron Riley was elected as President for 2004.


Ron then presided over the remainder of the elections and called for nominations for the Office of Vice President.  Ed Bryant was nominated by Charles Mitchell and seconded by Matthew Farr.  Charles Graybeal was nominated by Chester Meade and seconded by Kenny Harville.  The nominations were ceased.  Ed Bryant was elected as Vice President for 2004.


Ken Head was nominated for Secretary by Joe Meacham and seconded by Alfred Lawless.  Edd Burke made a motion to cease the nomination and elect Ken Head by acclamation.  Motion PASSED.   


Charles Mitchell was nominated for Treasurer by Chuck Harger and seconded by Joe Meacham.  David Daniel made a motion to cease the nomination and elect Charles Mitchell by acclamation.  Motion PASSED


Ron then turned the meeting by over the A. D. for the remainder.


New Directors were then introduced.  Keith Harmon will be replacing Eddie Mullins as Region 4/Area 4 Director.  Andy Jennette will assume the Region 2/Area 5 Director.  We are looking for people to fill the following slots:  Youth Director, Newsletter Editor, Region 2/Area 2 Director and Region 4/Area 2 Director.  Persons interested were asked to contact Ron Riley or Ken Head.

All other Directors will remain the same.


Dates and launch sites for the 2004 Regional tournaments were announced.  They are as follows:  Region 1 at Pebble Isle at Kentucky Lake on April 24th, Region 2 at Pebble Isle at Kentucky Lake on May 1st, Region 3 at Chickamauga/Chattanooga on April 10th and Region 4 at Watts Bar on May 8th


President Sanford then introduced Roger Ray, owner of All Pro Rods who made a presentation to the membership.  All Pro Rods wants to be a sponsor of the TBF.  He and A.D. were in the final stages of working out the exact details.  It was announced that the Board of Directors had made a decision to accept All Pro as the new rod sponsor for the Federation.  As soon as details are worked and a contract is signed, they will be posted on the web page for all to see.  In a nutshell, All Pro will be offering all clubs the opportunity to purchase rods at 50% off retail.  They will also be sponsoring the State Team with merchandise and clothing.


At that point, A. D. proceeded to hold the drawing for several door prizes, which included four (4) rods, two (2) tackle bags and two (2) fish culling systems donated by All Pro Rods.


The Southern Divisional tournament was announced and Ken Head introduced the members of the 2004 State team in attendance.  The site of the 2004 tournament will be the Ohio River at Paducah, Ky.  Dates will be June 6th thru 11th .  Headquarters will be at the Executive Inn in Paducah.


The 2004 National Federation will be held in Oklahoma with the date being April  19-24, 2004.  Our representative will be Joe Leonard of the Clinch Mountain Bassmasters.


We then took a short break before starting the discussion and voting on the proposed changes to the By Laws and Tournament Rules.


When the meeting resumed, discussion was opened on the proposed changes.  With a possibility of 55 total votes, it would have taken 37 votes to pass any change.  After much discussion and some very good dialogue, there was only one (1) proposed change, which received the required number of votes to pass.   Change # 7 dealing with the date of Regional tournaments was the only change.  The new rule will allow a Region to change the date of their tournament if the tournament is being held at the same time as a National Federation tournament, thereby prohibiting that TBF fisherman from fishing in their Regional tournament if they were qualified to fish the Regional.  Harold Thompson of the Gibson County Bass Club presented the proposed change.   


At that point the meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m.